Where are Magento backup files stored?

There is no denying how Magento is such a powerhouse for an ecommerce platform. You get to sell online in a store that looks exactly like you want it, thanks to the well-designed Magento themes. It is jam-packed with features that would really impress any tech-savvy ecommerce enthusiast.

However, there are also some things about Magento that might be worked on to improve. For one, navigating the Admin panel is more complicated when you compare it with its rivals.

Like error log files, backup files in Magento tend to be challenging to find. We know of Magento to have been designed for people with background and passion for technology. Now, in looking for Magento backup files, you have to follow these instructions.

  • In the Admin panel, navigate to System, and then Tools, and then Backups. That is where the backup files are supposed to be. When you just performed a backup of your store, the files should show here.
  • In locating earlier store backups, navigate to /var/backups/. If you get errors when you try creating the var folder, it is because Magento uses it as the System Temp folder, creating a magento/var folder inside
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You might be asking why you should even backup your store, if Magento is really that good.

No matter how great a technology development is, you should always expect bugs and other technical issues. It is perfectly natural for programs and apps to encounter them. In this case, backing up your store makes you ready for whatever it is to come.

It is crucial for any Magento user to really learn how to navigate the entire system. While there are active user forums and responsive customer support, it is still best to have your own knowledge about it. Being informed enables you to solve small technical problems on your own, and having a backup for your store will make it easy for you to transfer to another platform in case a need to do so arises in the future.