Magento one of the best ecommerce platform

Now that ecommerce has changed business drastically, both online and offline businesses have started incorporating technology and the internet in their companies. Because of the growing number of businesses trying to add ecommerce sites in their portfolio, ecommerce platforms also seem to multiply day by day.

There are now several platforms to choose from if you want sell online. One of the most known is Magento. It is also arguably the best ecommerce platform today. There are other platforms that can rival its popularity and features, but in terms of its users and user reviews, Magento seem to have gained a loyal following.

How can we determine the best ecommerce platform? For starters, a platform should be customizable, to be able to have it personalized so it can be more appropriate for the business; it should also have extensions that would improve shopping experience; it should also have SEO integration; and should ideally have excellent customer service and technical support.

If those are indeed the criteria in finding the best ecommerce platform, then Magento is, if not the best, one of the best ones in the ecommerce industry today.

    • Magento allows you to have your own look for your storefront.In ecommerce, your storefront is your branding statement. When looking for a platform to sell online and run your business, look somewhere you are able to personalize your store. This one has lots of Magento themes you can enjoy. You are free to choose which one you think would complement your products and attract your target market.
    • Magento has a lot of extensions and plugins available. Most ecommerce shoppers can separate a great online store from mediocre ones. In the case of Magento versus other platforms, Magento has its own app marketplace where you have the liberty to choose the ones to install in your ecommerce site; ideally, these extensions are the ones that would make your customers’ shopping experience even better than before.
    • Magento provides seamless integration with its top apps. While it is true that Magento requires you to have basic technical know-how like extracting data and running your own server, the apps and how well they work on the platform are all worth the extra efforts. They are among the top reasons the Magento community is getting bigger.
    • Magento makes it easy to sell online. With the option for full translations through WordPress and other app integration, Magento makes it easier for ecommerce store owners to reach as much audience as they want. The platform is easily accessible anywhere in the world. You are free to market to them through Magento themes, apps, plugins, and features.
    • Magento comes for free. You pay nothing to use their basic services, which is enough for you to run your online store. Imagine not having to pay for commercial space rentals, people who will watch over the business, and marketing professionals. You get to be the brawns and brains of your brand, which Magento can help you with their technical support and customer service.
    • Magento does SEO well. To sell online is not as simple as it looks like. There is so much competition, so you have to know what it takes to generate web traffic and keep your audience with you. In Magento, SEO comes effortlessly. It allows you to backlink and builds your network seamlessly.
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While it is true that there are so many other platforms apart from Magento, which could be fairly easier to use, the features do not come close to what this one can offer. It has everything you need to sell online from home or wherever you may be, just by your fingertips and some great common sense. After all, these features are what you need to survive and win ecommerce. Magento, having these and more, clearly makes it a standout and a winning ecommerce platform.

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