Is Magento Safe for Shoppers (PCI Compliant)?

The quick answer to the question above is yes, Magento is definitely PCI compliant.

What is PCI Compliance?

  • It is created by the major credit card companies to ensure online shoppers that they are buying stuff from credible platforms using secured payment gateways.
  • To make sure that merchants are using security measures when it comes to accepting payments, they developed the PCI Data Security Standard.
  • PCI DSS requires merchants to: (1) build and maintain a secure network; (2) protect cardholder data; (3) maintain a Vulnerability Management Program; (4) implement strong access control measures; (5) regularly test and monitor networks; and (6) maintain an Information Security Policy.

Having enumerated all requirements, Magento is clearly complying with all the mentioned standards. The platform offers integrated payment gateways allowing merchants to securely accept payments without compromising confidential and sensitive data. There are hosted payment forms that work seamlessly with the platform and the stores’ checkout pages.

All sensitive data are kept outside the platform server, which is also why more and more people who sell online choose to do business with Magento over other platforms. In an effort to be fully updated with the times and be compliant not only with PCI standards but also the new standards in ecommerce merchandising and marketing, Magento continuously work on the whole Magento experience.

Because of its efforts, Magento merchants rightfully validate themselves as all PCI compliant. This only shows that it is not only the wide array of responsive Magento themes and extensions that attract merchants to sell online in Magento. It is also because of the system that is constantly updated and upgraded, the help merchants get from Magento itself, and the simple fact that Magento fully takes care of its users. Magento one of the best ecommerce platform

With Magento’s effort to make all their users feel confident in all their online transactions, they are now priding themselves with the fact that they are one of the most PCI compliant platforms in the ecommerce world.

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